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Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist
My probation officer ID reveals how incongruent I appear for the part. Forgive my stealth around my identity. I am using the Jordan Bray pen name as a courtesy to my family so I need to obscure my actual name.
  1. I was a probation officer right after college graduation for three months while my internship supervisor went on maternity leave. It was one part hilarious, because of my appearance, which is not intimidating. I have been described as “sweet, kind, understanding, etc,” by people in interactions. It’s not the disposition typically associated with probation work. This dispositional mismatch was clear to me during my year-long internship my senior year of college. But I needed the money, I knew it was only for three months, and…

Right-wing media poisoned family relationships

“broken pot near mirror” by Daniel Tafjord on Unsplash

A Pseudo-Poem About Home from a Non-Poet

Canoeing is a popular past-time alongside camping (Photo: Jordan Bray)

Accountability for abusive behavior

“woman sitting on bed while holding mug” by Asdrubal luna on Unsplash

Eating disorders don’t automatically go away after bariatric surgery

Look ma, no chin, I look like the rest of the family now

By Encouraging Proto-Thinking, He’s Dumbing Us Down

William Shatner speaking at the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest in Phoenix, Arizona. ©Gage Skidmore Wikimedia

The accusation of crying wolf is the opposite of the problem we have

Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

From the Internet to my Husband

I don’t know how to illustrate this, so this is my view right now. I had to write this on my phone, because my computer is dead. I miss it.

I admit it’s also a personal request

My tattoo has five maple leaves. One for each of my brothers and my sister. I got it on the one-year anniversary of my brother’s suicide. (Sorry about the sock marks, I was basically never going to be without them due to cold feet from frostbite as a child)

A Product of Corrupt Times

Photo by 贝莉儿 NG on Unsplash

Jordan Bray

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