Actually, You Screwed Up By Never Speaking Up

The accusation of crying wolf is the opposite of the problem we have

Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

Today, on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, along with their chattering class, tried to tell liberals how wrong they are, again. Not that it isn’t a daily occurrence, but today was particularly galling. The thesis was that we have been crying wolf about authoritarianism in Nixon, Reagan, and Bush, Jr, so everyone got numb to it and became Nazis.

What they said was stupid, of course. What actually happened is that too many Americans looked at the authoritarianism that started with Nixon, and said, “Of, that’s fine.” Joe Scarborough watched Ronald Reagan preach about black welfare queens over and over. He watched as Reagan desensitized white Americans to real suffering, and he praised Reagan as a God.

Bill Maher lets Jordan Peterson come onto his show as though he isn’t the next coming of Eugenics, and honors him as an intellectual. Joe Scarborough praises Charles Murray as just another conservative when he is actually a man who preaches Eugenics about black people and the poor. Scarborough still does this on a regular basis.

Bush, Jr. introduced government overreach to us seen only as gross since Nixon had police officers putting huge swaths of the black and brown population in prison. No president ever really stopped that pace until Obama. Did any of them ever call out this behavior as authoritarian? They just noticed recently.

It was their neglect of creeping authoritarianism that led to this state, not the calling out of these conditions. Were any of these pundits ever there for people like my family when they were losing their children because of the loss of government benefits as far back as 1981? Of course, not. They could care less if the government puts me and my siblings in foster care due to poverty. That’s authoritarianism they like.

No one was supposed to say anything about creeping authoritarianism in the United States, apparently. Because if we did, we caused the Nazis to exist. It wasn’t that allowing the Nazis to exist unconfronted allowed them to spread. No, that couldn’t have been the mechanism of collapse. Of course, not.

People like Joe Scarborough and Bill Maher never confronted their bros. People like this:

Maybe instead of scolding us for being too far ahead of the curve, you should be scolding yourselves for being way too far behind it. Maybe when your frat bros were dehumanizing us, you should have been paying attention to that. When Reagan was dehumanizing black people you should have been paying attention to that. Because there are some seriously sick white people in this country right now. Read their comments on Fox News website. Read them.

Then admit you’re wrong, Joe Scarborough. We were not crying wolf. You were just incredibly late for calling out the problem.

P.S. You always want us to be nice to Nazis, too. This tweet is for that.

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