Americans Will Lose The Cyber War With Russia At This Rate

You’re following the Russia investigation? Most Americans won’t

We came under attack during the 2016 campaign season from another country who attempted to rig our election. That country, Russia, is still attacking us.

The NFL controversy this weekend stirred up Americans so much that a restaurant owner in Wisconsin declared athletes who take a knee should be killed. He was not a Russian bot. But who got him so passionate? What has Americans so convinced that black athletes are wrong for protesting during the anthem? A full 49% worth? Russia.

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Americans have largely yawned. The portion of Americans who feel Russia assisted them politically — Republicans — appear to show no guilt. In fact, the far right may now have a long-term conservative partnership with Russia — building on an allyship of white people.

The history of Russia’s campaign to spark a race war within the United States is stunning. It includes distributing lies to black communities about Jewish people. That campaign worked. There is a lot of anti-Jewish sentiment in black communities, and it appears we can blame a lot of that on the KGB.

This article includes a detailed history of KBG operations in the United States based on turning up a race war. Something they have not stopped trying to do to this day. Their success with this past weekend’s NFL flag controversy was impressive. They have managed to get 30% of Americans, no doubt almost all white, to believe that a flag trumps the life of black Americans.

So, sadly, white Americans are worried about how black Americans are standing during ceremonial flag rituals. The bulk of the Americans are simply disinterested in what they consider a rehashing of last years’ campaign, and hey, they didn’t vote anyway.

A terrifying number of Americans will not be able to deal with the Russian attack because they were personally duped by it, and they cannot be that person who admits “they fell for the Nigerian prince.”

This ego issue, more than anything, will be an enormous barrier, to American willingness to accept the ramifications of the Russian attack — how it may have persuaded them to see Hillary as feeble, how it may have made them feel racial resentment, how they read enough Facebook posts that encouraged them to turn from Bernie to Trump, so they did. Confessions will not be forthcoming.

When you cannot admit you have a problem, how can you stop it?

Americans will be vulnerable to any hacker who wants to exploit our divisions on an ongoing basis. Sad.

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