Congratulations on your life. Now mind your own business, because all you are doing in the long run is hurting people. You did not come up with some brilliant insight that everyone should be congratulating for you in terms of saying that too many people are looking for handouts. That message comes out of the lips of 40% of the country in the form of conservatives bitching about people taking handouts daily in Internet posts. What you did was take advantage of the heartless streak that runs through America to echo back to that same public what they already want to hear. Let’s not help people.

It takes a lot of nerve to pass judgement on other people. I am sure your medical bills cost insurance companies a lot of money, in addition to what they cost your family. If insurance companies weren’t paying anything, and you claim that your family is paying it all, then the payment plan set out for over a million dollars on an average family would cost the health care provider money, which they will pass along to the rest of us. Do you know who pays for that? Us, the general public, in the form of our premiums. So, all of us reading this, and everyone else in the country, helped pay for your medical bills in the form of higher premiums. You owe your life to everyone. You had help from every person you meet. I should know. I have been a person who got help from every single person I met, in principle. I have high medical bills that increase insurance premiums for all Americans, for example.

I was a helpless child in the 1970s and 80s when I had to deal with a barrage of nastiness from conservatives and their children saying all kinds of evil things about people who need handouts. When my family’s situation was in the media, I had to deal with teasing from every corner for being in a family that needed help. Having people like you out there adding to the atmosphere for children in poverty who need help from others by knocking people who need handouts is killing kids. Killing them. It made me suicidal. I’m sure I’m not the only poor kid who has been made suicidal by bullying from conservatives including her own relatives over being a welfare kid. But according to you that says something about my character, and gives you the right to say something about my life and my need for handouts. You know, because you just had to say something.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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