Conservatives LOVE Political Correctedness and My Comments on Their Articles Prove It

The fact of the matter is…I wasn’t raised right. My parents tried to raise me in a very fundamentalist manner. But their plans were interrupted by several things.

First, they had very low-paying jobs which required both of them to work. So, we kids were left unsupervised after school.

Next, they both had serious mental illnesses, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder respectively, and they couldn’t really hold it together to enforce their own upbringing on us. Our early childhoods were full of the violent punishment that comes with fundamentalism….BUT…

Next, we were taken away from our parents by the State, because they lost their jobs, and we had neither enough food or heat in our home. That coupled with how odd my parents were was enough for the child welfare workers to scoop us up for a while, so my parents stopped that punishment stuff, so…

We all became a form of hellian.

That is to say. I wasn’t raised right.

I think you can see we were looked like we were headed for trouble (my brothers and sister, I’m not pictured)

A civilizing force came into my life called Upward Bound. It was a federal educational program that helps low-income kids go to college. From there, another federal program called Student Support Services picked up with me in college, and helped me make my way through college. Eventually, I made it through graduate school. Which is why I take offense to articles that lie about graduate school.

In graduate school, according to an essay on Medium, I learned theories that turned me into a liberal (ridiculous — poverty, and the foster care experience turned me into a liberal). These theories I learned weaponized me. Now, I can go out and trick unsuspecting U.S. citizens into believing boogeyman liberal things like “Confederate statues are bad.”

Anyhow, I committed cardinal sins, and during a migraine headache, I wrote pissed off, angry, cussed, comments on this article about Marxist higher education that used pretty words to spook the unsuspecting American into believing that the liberals are splitting up American, because they know…wait for it…theories.

What did these political-correctedness, hating conservatives, and who knows perhaps a few white, well-to-do, liberal, people do? These people who say that liberals police speech? These people who say that liberals are trying to force Americans to end free speech? Well, everyone jumps on me to change my speech. Hmm, that sounds like all liberals ever try to get conservatives to do with their racist, sexist speech. No one ever puts them in jail. No, they are asked to change their speech through social sanction.

But, this community, nay, any social media community doesn’t get it. Neither do free speech advocates. No one ever asked laws to change. There has never been a liberal yet who wrote an article saying, “Due to hate speech, we should change the first amendment.” “Due to the fact conservatives cannot stop under any circumstances with their constant racism and sexism, jail them for their comments.”

No one. Not ever. Not once. Instead, what has happened is that like the flood of proper people who flooded to curse me out for cursing someone out for lying in fluffy academic words about higher education, liberals have used social sanction to ASK that our social communities SANCTION people for their behavior. Because speech is a behavior. Just like everyone keeps trying to tell me that I can’t have a migraine, read a stupid, shrouded-hate article, and then go off. Go on ahead now, look at my responses, you can see the list of people socially sanctioning me. Right, Mark Green?

Conservatives, comment-correct liberals, and their sympathizers are going to sanction my speech, aren’t they? Because that’s what we do. If conservatives realized how much they were comment-correct, and how much their passion for comment-correct language is identical to politically correct language, they’d see how pathetic their complaints are.

But here’s the big difference. These people bitching at me are just upset that I cursed and told someone off personally. An individual. Who frankly deserves it. What they can’t bring themselves to get upset about is when a group is attacked or a member of a group is attacked on a chronic basis. This kind of speech is still okey-dokey for conservatives. They don’t want to sanction it.

In fact, the whole essay I was commenting on was bitching about how I was being taught to believe that sanctioning racism and sexism was okay. So, when I complain about this essay in the wrong way, sanctions are only okay for cursing. Think about that. Antiracism, antisexism, and antidisability social sanctions are bad, and anticursing social sanctions are good. Nice priorities, America.

From 1976–77, I was living with the FLDS polygamist cult. In 1982, I went to foster care. From these traumas, a thousand more would launch.

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Deborah Megivern

Deborah Megivern

From 1976–77, I was living with the FLDS polygamist cult. In 1982, I went to foster care. From these traumas, a thousand more would launch.

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