Currently, we have a House of Representatives that does not represent the electorate. The gerrymandering that was done in 2010 resulted in, let’s pick Michigan, more Republican representatives, but with more voters for Democratic candidates.

This pattern repeats in numerous states. Because the gerrymandering will not be repaired until after the 2020 Census, at best, the country remains undemocratic. The same is true of our Constitutional structure. It currently provides for land, not people to have power. Two senators from each state are afforded equal power, regardless of the population of their states. Wyoming has the same power as California. This is because the federal representation is antiquated to give 100 people with property rights in Wyoming over 1,000,000 renting in California. Our Constitution was and still is written for property owners. It is one of the least representative documents today, since many democracies around the world have written theirs after ours.

This plays out in law that consistently over and over does not represent what the majority of Americans desire. Take legalization of marijuana, for example. Most people want it legalized. In no small part because of states with small populations controlling the national agenda over those with large populations, it is not

Now, when it comes to Trump, his policy proposals are so radical, so fanatical, that to compare them to anything the hyper-centrist Obama proposed is laughable. Obama was obsessively focused on being bipartisan, and the Congress only opposed him for the sake of opposing him, not because his policy ideas were bad. Take “Obamacare,” for example. It is a ridiculously right wing health insurance plan. It came straight from the Heritage Foundation in the 1990s. It was adopted by a Republican as his form of health reform in Massachusetts, because he took it from a right wing think tank, again the Heritage Foundation. But as soon as Obama wanted to compromise with conservatives and bring THEIR right wing health plan to the national level, because HE was doing it, suddenly they are totally against the plan. That’s obstruction for obstruction’s sake. Now, we have a right wing health insurance plan that I think sucks, because it still keeps everything privatized, it still leaves many people uncovered, it still leaves many aspects of healthcare unaffordable to people, and it doesn’t have near the merit of a single payer system, which is the actual liberal idea for health care. They actually had a meeting the night of Obama’s election to plot how they would undermine his Presidency, something which an opposing party has not done to a Presidency on record. Historically, such across the aisles relationships as Tip O’Neill, the Democratic Speaker of the House throughout the 1980s during Ronald Reagan’s presidency has worked WITH the president, including across the aisle.

The Trump scenario I wrote shows how an undemocratically-elected Congress, coupled with a President Trump (who if he is President would be suspect, because of all the restrictions on voting Republicans have passed in states across the country) would potentially enact legislation most of the country does not want.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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