Fuck you! This statement above! This and everything else expressed in this essay is why your pathetic rant on Friday was just an exercise in white supremacy, sexism, hypocrisy and the assertion of the status quo in every kind of oppression.

Yes, fuck you. Since you said fuck you to me, let me return the favor. I don’t want your apologies. Neither do 90% of the people who hear people saying fucked up things. They just want people to think before they talk because underneath words are beliefs.

Why do you people think words matter? Do you think the words of the Koran matter? Do you think the words that come from the mouths of extremists don’t matter? I know for a fact you do think those words matter because you can’t shut up about it. You want people who say certain kinds of things to have bombs dropped on them. So I guess words do matter. Because they turn into actions. I know you believe that, too.

It is actually politically correct of you to want to change their Islamic words. That is a political opinion as much as a religious one. It is expedient for you in sycophant fan response and national zeitgeist. You are one of the most politically correct motherfuckers out there.

Who cares if only 10% of Native Americans are offended by the word Redskins? Why antagonize THEM with a racial slur? If only 10% of black people were offended by the n-word, would you get behind a new sports team using that word? Seems you would. And you’d be too fucking stupid to know why it was a social problem and not a matter of political correctness.

Since about 10% of the country is openly non-religious, I’m sure you are fine with prayers opening school days. Only 10% of Americans would be offended.

You’re a man who uses words for a living who thinks they don’t matter. You’re a man who thinks Islamic rhetoric is language that matters and you want to see it gone, but you don’t have the fucking comprehension to understand that sexist or racist language has an impact, too.

How many times have people said, “What a shame Carrie Fisher got crazy and ugly?” Here’s a hint: Millions. So her looks have been an issue and focusing on them just makes everyone think of that “decline” in looks. Pretending that’s not true is putting your fake critical thinking up to the light. And it makes you look incapable and immature. Because women dealing with appearance issues causes a fuck ton of problems. You have seemingly never heard of that.

Or what about just making us women into objects instead of people? That leads to six month sentences for rapists because we’re just something pretty to look at and physically use.

So fuck you, for being dense, for going for cheap laughs, for not getting privilege despite the fact you ought to be able to get it since the country is built on religious privilege and you know what that means for atheists.

Just fuck you for the biggest sin of all. Not being funny.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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