Down ballot elections are affected by turnout. Turnout was affected by the dampening effect of trust in Clinton. Trust in Clinton was affected by the email scandal which Comey made a big deal of. Comey simultaneously made no mention of the severe lack of trustworthiness of Trump, in light of allegations from a credible spy.

The other problems with the electoral college or what not have been part of our election issues forever and need reform in their own right, but they did not differentially affect this election compared to others. Those barriers and parameters were always there. Greg Palast did an excellent write up of the purge that was done of minority voters via Cross Check prior to the election, and this action alone got rid of voters that exceeded what Trump’s margin of winning votes equaled.

So, I appreciate your snark. Or rather I don’t, because you didn’t earn it. With proper research and analysis, it is clear that an election with a tight margin like this one was easily affected by the actions of the Russians and especially Comey’s duplicitous treatment of Clinton’s vs. Trump’s investigations.

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