He’s Freezing All New Investigations

“I’m Not Running a Yelp for Banks”

“The American one dollar notes under low lighting.” by Aidan Bartos on Unsplash

Mike Mulvaney just said that when he was a member of Congress he didn’t talk to you unless you gave him money. Who is Mike Mulvaney? He’s the guy Trump picked to “protect consumers.”

He was nominated to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency he tried to prevent and eliminate as a Congressman. Now, he makes snotty comments like, “I’m not running a ‘Yelp’ for banks.” He’s not really running anything. He’s freezing all new investigations of financial institutions.

Mulvaney is the perfect example of a Trump cabinet member. He heads an agency he is actually trying to kill.

This agency helped me tremendously during its first year of operation. Someone in California with my name stole my identity. Then, this person skipped out on a lot of bills. My credit was ruined. The credit reporting bureaus were not cooperating with me in my efforts to restore my credit. It was the CFPB that stepped in and got my credit restored.

Under the leadership of Mike Mulvaney, Americans will not have an agency to turn to when they face financial fraud, identity theft, misconduct, or other difficulties such as sluggish customer service by credit bureaus that affect a person’s ability to get a loan, buy a home, get an apartment, or even get a job. People’s lives are affected by the problems that the CFPB used to resolve. Past tense. Under Trump, the agency no longer takes new cases. It is only finishing up on the cases that were already open.

American citizens must not have given Mulvaney any money.

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