I am not a revolutionary in the sense of overthrowing all that has come before but I should be. What has come before is inherently broken. I wish my computer hadn’t recently died resulting in all of my Medium conversations being relegated to my phone. I want to provide a much longer answer to your thoughtful response but with my memory I’ve already forgotten many of the points you made that I wanted to go back to.

Let’s see. The conservative movement doesn’t happen in a vacuum. They are well-funded, well-planned, and well -organized. Liberals foolishly believe these conservative darlings are accidentally popular. They aren’t. They have been strategically funded and targeted for a particular message.

Books like The Family, Democracy in Chains, Backlash and Suburban Warriors should inform every liberal, but sadly they do not. Instead, we’re making sure we become as useless as Henry thinks liberals are now. He doesn’t recognize how they have been fairly repressed since 1980, spineless and on the ropes.

But moving away from the political where MLK, Jr. felt the same frustrations, I will say that a Medium writer has had the most influence on me. umair wrote that Americans are too busy reacting to authoritarianism to act against it or in other words, we are merely reactionaries. Nothing more.

It is true. It has been true for decades of outrage since Ronald Reagan crossed the line by opening his campaign in Philadelphia, MS, and liberals let that go with nothing but outrage.

The best we can muster is a protest. BFD. I have written extensively on Medium about what conservatives have done to organize and plan, how effective it is in comparison, but my articles don’t get a lot of play. Henry’s Jordan Peterson article will skyrocket. Watch.

I am going to send this response and see if I can see more of your response to recall what to react to…

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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