I am very glad you wrote this article. I wrote a similar piece conveying the views of a “historian” of a sort that back up what you are saying absolutely. My historian was my German-language professor who also taught a class at our college called Paideia. This is essentially the Greek word for elite education. This Paideia class was further called The Rise of Nazism. My professor was what historians call a primary source as in he lived through it. Except instead of being a Jewish survivor, he was growing up a Christian German.

I won’t rewrite my whole piece as a comment. I’ll just put it here. Suffice it to say, he taught us the warning signs of authoritarianism. He walked us through how it all happened from beginnings in World War I (well, actually he took us all the way back to the First Reich or Holy Roman Empire) to the bitter end in 1945. We were in Germany when he taught this class. He brought in other Germans to talk to us as guest speakers. I didn’t put that in my article. I think I may edit it to add their perspective. They all told us about what it was like leading up to the Holocaust. IT WAS exactly like this.

P.S. I am going to steal your tweet picture to add it to the end of my piece. I have promised in my piece to gather evidence of my assertion.

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