I can answer this. I was reminded of what a huge numbers of Christians believe by a conversation with a conservative Christian social worker. I struck up the conversation with her because she wrote this comment, “

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I thought I could engage well with her because my parents had their children taken away from them because of poverty, or more specifically because of the rhetoric of Ronald Reagan and his mythical black welfare society queen which resulted in welfare being cut. This caused our family to starve and freeze, so then the State had to put us in foster care.

Even though this woman sympathized with my situation as a poor white person, she was still cold and indifferent to the border situation. I probed her thinking to understand why and it soon became apparent.

She identified as a “strong Christian.” We started to explore that more, but I already knew what it meant. She was more focused on the afterlife than this life. I spent my life raised by two fundamentalist Christians.

There are certain things that come with this chosen lifestyle and culture. One is an obsession with the “End Times.” The other is a parlor game of interpreting political and foreign affairs as signals from “The Scriptures.” I get to read about people doing this across generations as an amateur genealogist and it becomes a real headshaker to see generation after generation steering all their behavior towards the any-moment Rapture. But I digress.

This Christian social worker went from public Twitter to private direct messages and these are excerpts from them:

She demonstrated what I had heard all my life. She was interpreting the actions of Israel as a guide to the return of the Messiah. She was willing to let Trump commit atrocities because she thinks I am identifying him as an anti-Christ figure (I’m not), and she’s sure the Bible predicted he’s a good guy.

Some people might argue, “She is ignorant of the Bible and its teachings.” This isn’t actually true at all. Like my parents, she had done extensive Bible study. It is a book with the capacity for disturbing interpretations and other more liberal interpretations. Let’s see what she thinks of those

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There was no cajoling, pleading, reasoning, or convincing that will work with what amounts to fanaticism. I grew up with it my whole life. The hyperfocus on “eternity” cannot be shaken because it is forever and life here is finite.

The fact that life here is the only certainty we have does not matter to them. The fact we should take responsibility for our lives in the moment does not phase them. Our responsibility to one another as human beings does not matter to them. It is all about the Almighty.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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