I don’t know what to say about this. Yes, I am dependent on my husband, because I have a disability. This sounds like more white feminist junk that doesn’t take into account the many intersections of other identity. Some neo-feminist was writing a piece blubbering about how people like me, or black people, or poor people have been criticizing white feminists for their me, me, me focus for decades, so her response was me, me, me.

This essay mimics that type of feminism. Love HAS to be this way or it’s WRONG. NO. Old couples that each depend on each other ARE WRONG.

Look, after 15 years, my husband and I are somewhat enmeshed. He isn’t my everything, because I think he has giant faults that make me keep already-filled out-and-signed divorce papers on ice in the filing cabinet if he ever can’t keep his temper in check. But, I’m dependent on him financially. I’m be in a world of hurt if we split, because our country’s disability system is cruel and would make me wait for years without any income whatsoever before even then questionably getting aid. That doesn’t mean our relationship is unhealthy. In fact, come on by. We have one of the most kick-ass relationships you’ve ever seen.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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