I don’t know yet. I’ve gotten no less than 10 texts from my brother, the Trump supporter. None of which I’ve answered. He’s all eager to reconcile now. Like he didn’t ignore me when I disclosed my sexual assault/abuse history, and how his vote would personally impact me.

I’m not ready to forgive and forget. I’m not ready to make nice. The degree to which I forgive people will probably depend on how much harm is actually done. We don’t know that yet. Yes, it is entirely possible I could go without talking to my brother for 4 years or longer. My cut-off other relatives know forgiveness is not my strong suit. Some have gone to their graves without reconciliation.

I’m also not ready to let down my guard. I think this Russian woman’s experience is invaluable and must be heeded:

If I am not ready to take the betrayal of my brother less seriously, I don’t even want to talk about strangers.

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