I have PTSD and bipolar disorder and an eating disorder. I have had three rapes. Plus, foster care kids have PTSD at a higher rate than soldiers do, and I was a foster care kid. I understand the instinct to want to make PTSD special or distinctive. It is a trauma to the brain caused by a dramatic external stimulus, of that there is no doubt. I had the PTSD and the eating disorder by the time I was 18, but I didn’t develop the bipolar until age 30. But each of the disorders causes changes in the brain just as a classic neurological disorder. Perhaps this article will help:

When we do MRIs of people with psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, or let’s say, ADHD, we see definitive changes in the brain. These changes have classically been called psychiatric in nature, while other disorders like epilepsy, which is classified as neurological, also has a very specific change in the brain. The argument has been whether the changes are classified psychiatric or neurological. Scientists are starting to find they are two sides of the same coin. They are changes in the brain, but of different parts of the brain. So, saying one is psychiatric and one is neurological becomes semantics.

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