I maintained a 3.7 GPA at Luther College which is a largely unknown private college, but well-regarded. I met the minimum standard for the PhD program I applied to on the GRE. I just wasn’t much above the minimum. The GRE has been shown to be biased against people from low socioeconomic backgrounds. That is the only thing the admissions committee would have given a little grace.

If you clicked any of the links in my piece you would have learned that I was a stellar student who earned the top research study award from the American Psychological Association as a senior in college. I co-chaired a service fraternity’s concert fundraising for Habitat for Humanity.

I could go on and on, but actually, since you are typical of what I have had to deal with my entire life — a stereotyping, stigmatizing conservative who probably claims to be a follower of a man who cared about the poor — I am going to just walk away.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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