I think it would be great to have a multi-pronged message for white people from the liberal side. Since we are the party of “identity politics” according to the other side, and they are the party of only one identity, we should be expanding to include one more identity. White people. But fully-fleshed out.

I have been extremely busy in my life trying to talk about poor white people for years. But I hadn’t really thought about talking about it terms of an all-encompassing identity. I don’t have the resources or ability to make a shiny video like Richard Spencer, but if I did, I would create a different video than he did.

Who are you, white people?

This isn’t who you are, white people. The vast majority of you will send your DNA tests away to be tested at one place or another. Weeks later, your results will tell you that you are 15% Finnish/Russian, 15% Western European, 10% Irish, 25% Scandinavian, 15% Southern European, 10% Eastern European, 7% British, 2% African, and 1% Southern American. Or some sort of mix like that. Most of us are true mixed breeds if I may borrow the parlance of dogs.

White people, theoretically at ten generations back, you have enough grandparents to fill a high school gymnasium with an estimated 4096 grandparents. However, because our ancestors couldn’t travel much, cousins married each other quite a bit, so the actual number is in reality fewer than that. These white people were more prone to inbreeding. The great thing about most of America and the modern era was that it introduced genetic diversity.

There is an absolute certainty in genetics. Inbreeding leads to retardation, birth defects, and physical deformities. I have spent quite a bit of time looking at pictures of our ancestors. I honor them and appreciate their sacrifices greatly. So this is going to sound a little harsh. But I also know that Americans are getting a lot prettier and a lot more handsome over time. That’s genetic diversity.

Beauty is measured by the human eye in terms of how close to an “average” face the individual portrays. There are also “markers” for health that people display that make their appearance more appealing. Research has shown this time and again. Beyond this, we might like to add to this average face with a little bit of an exotic touch here or there, but we cannot fight nature.

Beauty across cultures is drawn to these standards. What genetic diversity does for a population is start to make long, awkward, twisted noses straighten. Teeth that are thrown anywhere in the mouth start to straighten. Widely spaced eyes start to come together.

White people, as your population struggled against sickness and disease, to travel great distances to overcome sickness, poverty, and disease, your family did up making some sacrifices. Many native Europeans cultures were “whitewashed” into one identity we just carry as white. So many do feel resentments that celebrating Europeans ethnic identities is mocked as insincere when, in fact, it is the research with Native American peoples that shows cutting someone off from their heritage is toxic.

The answer for everyone is to celebrate your heritage. Part of celebrating the heritage of white people is a reckoning. It has never really happened which is why it is frightening for white people to undergo. What is a reckoning? Some places have called it a truth and reconciliation. Perhaps we need to call it a reset.

It is a time of understanding as a group that we can’t celebrate white supremacy as an ideal anymore. We can’t continue to support the institutions that underpin it. We can’t allow white people to call the police on innocent black people all the time without consequence. We can’t allow the action of calling the police to be a potentially deadly interaction. We can’t allow our prejudices to segregate us. We can’t fear “extinction” because we may marry people of other ethnic groups or our birth rates drop or our death rates increase or we share more power.

There are two paths forward. One is to make peace with diversity and democracy. The other is to jump on board with full-on white supremacy, because there are forces working on white people to draw them more and more toward extremism as we become the minority.

We have a history of soaring vision, bravery in the face of danger, outstanding accomplishments, and learning to do the right thing. I believe we can both embrace our history of engineering prowess and admit we committed genocide in the process of building great railroads. We are a capable people. We can take responsibility for our mistakes while also taking pride in our skyscrapers. We can learn the history of Odin and then realize he put out his eye for wisdom.

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