I think of both Tim Wise and you as sharp minds who think about the world in complicated ways. Let me say first, I would like to shed race as construct altogether. What you were describing sounded like a future on Star Trek where it didn’t exist as an issue at all.

This is what concerns me. Richard Spencer and his domestic allies have found themselves a powerful new friend. He is working with the strategic tactics of the Putin regime behind him. This isn’t paranoia. Malcolm Nance wrote in The Plot to Destroy Democracy about how the Russian government helps white supremacist groups online. These white supremacists are being fed the money of kleptocrats.

They have been gaining ground rapidly in the United States and Europe with tactics they even published in a Russian military journal. The Russian military general who conceived of the attack on us developed the idea from observing the Arab Spring. He saw that by using the internet to put pressure on the fissures in American society, as well as other liberal democracies, they would crumble.

They launched that cyber war. It has resulted in Brexit. It has resulted in Poland losing its Supreme Court and turning to authoritarianism. It has resulted in the election of Donald Trump. It has resulted in numerous outwardly vocal white supremacists running for office. It has resulted in unprecedented attacks on people of color and gay people. A report just came out and it described the number of attacks as just — unprecedented.

They have been using the tool they call redpilling. This is where they appeal to a white person emotionally with something that is mildly racial. Not racist. They continue to introduce racial material until they have introduced superiority material. They do so gradually. Very slowly. With progressively more and more racist, sexist, or anti-Semitic material. Until they finally have developed the white supremacist, misogynist.

They have the intention of building a Christian, Caucasian caliphate. When they looked around at the prospect of sharing power in a diverse, representative democracy, they decided against it. As it stands, the Constitution is written in their advantage, not ours. A demographer has estimated that by 2030, 70% of the population will live in 15 states. Those 15 states may be diverse, but the other 35 are estimated to be rural and white. Guess who is going to rule the House of Representatives? They will already rule the Supreme Court now.

The threat that white men and women feel they are under because of declining birth rates and increasing death rates is unfortunately being exploited. The additional threat white men and women feel from becoming the minority has been taken advantage of as well. People working for Spencer and other white supremacist make very emotional effective tools for drawing in more white people to their cause. This concerns me. Their tactics are effective in a time of increased risk with more threat.

From a practical standpoint, my thoughts are, how do we strategically, fight back against these tactics that have both a foreign nation and a domestic source driving them forward at this point?

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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