If there are any aspects of American government that are corrupt, they are corrupt. The size of a government should be irrelevant, and the laboratories that our fifty states show us this. I live in the big government state of Minnesota which functions better and with less corruption than when I lived in the small government, Missouri.

The best metaphor I can give you is the medical field and obesity. Doctors said for years that obese people couldn’t be fit. Only a small person could be fit. Research just keeps coming out that your size is not the same as your fitness level. The government’s size is not in relation to its power. We could have a single person as our government and it could be powerful beyond measure (e.g. past kings of Saudi Arabia). Or we can have a large government with no teeth.

Our government is not unrestrained. You can restrain it with dollars. Hence, it it is actually corrupt. On a local, micro level, and no doubt, federal level when the EPA was bought off in the past, we are having our own water crisis. They, the government, are installing water filters at $2,000 a pop into the homes of 80 people right in my neighborhood, because 3M, the makers of Post-Its, were headquartered in our city for many decades. They disposed of perfluorochemicals into the landfills in our community, and it seeped into the water table.

It is time for our nation to move forward from discussion of how big or small our government is. Its size should suit the needs of the American people. The only way to determine if it is doing its job at that is to lobby for good government, not arbitrarily-sized government. Good government is something Americans need to have a long conversation about.

Our Founding Fathers had extensive talks about what good government was to be. Their conceptionalization is both wise and worthy, and outdated. It would not hurt for the country to have discussions about government reform.

I could not agree with you more that we as citizens have to serve as the oversight to our government. It is the purpose of our vote. It is why political involvement matters. I get disheartened to see people not realize the roles of government or their roles as citizens.

I am a member of the Project on Government Accountability or POGO. I also follow other organizations like the Center for Responsive Politics and CREW. But you have to love your country AND its government to invest time into improving that government. Too much time has been spent lambasting the government no one pays attention to it anymore. Ah, the irony.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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