I’m sorry for the confusion. No, I am definitely, underline that, definitely not saying that trauma is required for depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or any of the other mental illnesses besides PTSD. The only one that requires trauma is PTSD. But, the accepted model of all mental illnesses is as follows

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So, if you follow the model, there are ingredients that are needed to develop a mental disorder. You need genetics or childhood trauma or both, plus stress that is excessive for your own vulnerabilities. In other words, if I am born with a genetic vulnerability to bipolar disorder, but nothing stressful ever happens in my life, I am very likely not to get the disorder. If I am born without a genetic vulnerability, but I have childhood trauma, and then no stress after that, I may not get a disorder. But, if I have either of those things, a genetic vulnerability, child trauma, or both, and then I am subjected to more stress than I can handle, my risk for a mental disorder goes way up. That amount of excessive stress is variable by each person. Your excessive stress might be fine with me or vice versa. One of the mediating variables is coping skills. You’ll notice how that is slipped in there (inability to cope with…). So, in other words, I might have a lot of family and friend support, but you have nobody, so even though I have a trauma, but you don’t, you still get PTSD, but I don’t, even though we both experienced the same event and we both are genetically vulnerable. Is this making sense? I’ll keep trying if it’s not clear.

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