It is so common to hear people talk about antidepressants making them feel numb. Plus, there are plenty of other side effects of various drugs that we get to hear about like “may cause feelings of suicidality.” Yikes.

I’ve been blessed, because I take a “cocktail” and I have for nearly 20 years that works. Research shows that people often do better on cocktails than on single drugs. It has adjusted over time, but at the moment it includes: Wellbutrin, Geodon, Lamictal, and Prozac. I also see an excellent therapist who specializes in one of my mental health conditions. I had a previous therapist who specialized in trauma, and she was amazing, but she retired. All in all, I have to say, I have had excellent mental health care. They have prevented me from being hospitalized, despite a past, substantial tendency toward suicidality. I can’t say which has helped more, the meds or the therapy, but I think it’s been the combination. I am able to feel, cry, express emotion, and I am healing.

If you get your medications from a doctor rather than a psychiatrist, I recommend going to a psychiatrist. They are usually more skilled in adjusting meds to make you feel normal. If the psychiatrist isn’t helping, try a different one.

Best wishes to you.

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