Okay, I am Willing To Die for the Next Generation

Conservatives, bring on your healthcare disaster, if it will finally bring us universal health care

Untreated diabetes led to untreatable wounds and premature fatality in my father (Source: author)

If you are going to keep doing this for the rest of all time and eternity, conservatives, perhaps we should just give in to you. If you are going to keep proposing a health care system that only works for healthy people, I guess I will only speak for myself, but I am ready to die to stop your madness.

This has gone on long enough. My entire life, you have tortured my family medically. You have made it so my father didn’t have health care, dying younger than he should have. You maintain a system that left my brother who had a serious brain injury without rehabilitation. He died even younger than my dad did as a result.

You have made it so I endured a more-painful-than-necessary medical procedure without adequate Novocaine when I was a child because the doctor said Medicaid-kids didn’t get more Novocaine. Imagine someone pulling off your toenail without enough painkiller.

So now, if you are going to keep passing a health care system under the radar of Americans that takes away my health care because I have pre-existing conditions, so be it. I am going to stop being frightened of your constant threats. In fact, I say, come take it. Kill me.

And when I die. And thousands of other Americans die alongside me, maybe then. Maybe finally then, conservatism will be seen for the psychopathic traits it has. A dollar for your life. I’ve lived at the end of that knife most of my life.

I was privileged to escape poverty, so I didn’t have to live anymore at the mercy of conservatives. But if even I cannot afford to live under the health care fantasies of conservatives with all my privileges, Lord help everyone else.

That’s why it is time for me to offer my life. Do your worst. Pass your health care package and end these years of trying to kill Obamacare. Just do it. Kill me off. May the next generation of Americans learn their lesson from our passing.


According to the most recent Federal Reserve Flow of Funds report, US households currently have an all-time high $82 trillion in overall wealth. If that wealth were spread out evenly, every US household would now have $712k.

I am known in our household, by my students and among friends for an expression, “Everything is about distribution.” Go forth, dear reader, and look in your life. You will find that literally everything is about distribution. And people are truly quite poor at it.

Since my family history is critical to my views of conservative values and health care, the story of how sick people thrive or don’t thrive is relevant

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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