People Who Ignore Fear and Anger in Politics Brought Us Reagan and The Beginning of the Conservative Era

Human beings are where they are today because they have heeded their fear signals. The guys who said, “I don’t mind walking on the edge of cliffs. You people who tell me not to are just fear mongers,” fell, didn’t reproduce, and are not with us today. That’s why the vast majority of human beings stay the hell away from the edge of cliffs. The fear of heights is innate in those of us who got it from our wiser ancestors.

Fear is an indicator that there is a threat or danger looming. Since there is, in fact, a dangerous threat looming, only an evolutionarily-stunted human being would ignore these adaptively crafted, innate warning signs from our emotions. So, attune yourself to what is fear-inducing. Is an emotionally unbalanced madman with throngs of frothy-mouthed racist, misogynist, xenophobic followers a good choice to lead the country or should we be afraid of that? Easy answer. We should be afraid of that. People telling us not to pay attention to what has gotten humans through a million years of evolution are certainly being foolish. Yes, you should attend to what your fear is telling you.

People didn’t think Ronald Reagan would win. They laughed at the notion. I remember it all too well. The link below takes you to a March 1980 article showing the polls numbers for Carter and Reagan. Let’s just recognize Reagan was 18 points behind. Only those with a well-attuned fear warning knew what was coming. My husband pleaded in vein with disenchanted Kennedy voters to come out for Carter, but they were going to stay home in protest of his “conservative” stances following a contentious split Democratic convention.

Reagan began the middle class march to obscurity. Wages have never recovered since he was in office. He consolidated and deregulated the financial industry; yes, that’s where it began. He cut social programs that have never come back causing extreme poverty for children. He inflamed racist sentiments through his grotesque portraits of “welfare queens.” He cut taxes to the wealthy so substantially the government was put into a debt cycle we have never recovered from. Of course, his policies starting the income gap on the way to vast inequality. He put the War on Drugs into extreme mode, accelerating the incarceration of black people. He closed mental health facilities and dumped people into the streets, exploding our homeless population. He assaulted labor unions and won.

The damages he did to this country are innumerable. We haven’t escaped the Conservative Era since. Progressivism has taken a backslide in all but a few small areas of life. Who knows how many years it will take to get back to where we once were in many of these areas of life?

So, the next person who puffs up their position with the haughty claims that you are a “fear monger” about this election, you type write back to them, “Damn straight, and it’s hopefully going to save the country.”

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