Proud Boys: Classic Anti-Intellectuals Enjoy The Zeitgeist

Proud to be ignorant and supremacist

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Logo of the Proud Boys from Southern Poverty Law Center site

Proud boys hate the term toxic masculinity. They hate that anybody is criticizing men, western culture, white people, or anything traditional. You can’t say something negative about being a housewife, because they are supposed to be on a pedestal. So since I can’t cook, don’t like to clean, and otherwise don’t make a great housekeeper, I am not valuable as a woman. My husband should leave me, according to these guys.

The link below takes you to a short video of the Proud Boys and their beliefs:

If they sound racist, sexist, and stuck in the 1950s, please don’t assume they represent working class men. Coming from the working class myself, I know plenty who value and respect their wives’ work in and out of the home. I know working class men who know they do not face as much discrimination as people of color.

Oh, the Proud Boys will say they aren’t racist. They have members who are not white. All those members have to do is pledge that white people are innocent of oppressing people of color. So all of those statistics that show people of color are discriminated against. Throw those away. Those research studies that demonstrate housing, employment, and banking discrimination against black and brown people, not white people? That’s just science. Trash it.

Where do these people get their power? Where they have always gotten it. Appeals to in-group membership, propaganda, and now the leadership of elected officials. You are not a woesome outgroup when your group owns the Presidency, Supreme Court, and both houses of Congress. But these white men will whine anyway because they have been taught to see themselves as victims even as they victimize others.

In the same breath the Proud Boy’s leader tells you he is an Islamophobe, he’ll tell you there is no reason for people to resent white men for they have done nothing wrong. At the same time he tells you about how women shouldn’t be allowed to work outside the home, he can’t understand why women have any issues with sexism. It’s a self-parody.

It’s great that working class white men are proud of themselves. It’s great that they want to continue to oppress other people whether they be other women or other races. They claim to be proud of building Western culture, but they don’t bother to study it, so they do not know what is and what is not made by white men. It makes educated people just feel sorry for these lost boys. You be proud, dear. Be proud.

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