Russia Funds The NRA — The NRA Gets Americans Killed; Brilliant Sneak Attack

Want to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans this year? Back guns

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Russia has shown itself to be a clever enemy. The United States a slow, dim-witted victim.

They have manipulated our computer systems at will to grab information ranging from released Democratic Party emails and unreleased Republican Party emails to voter registration data. They have organized political events on Facebook and gotten Americans to attend. They have created popular social media figures who have been thought leaders within the United States.

According to one article I read in the Atlantic, Russian disruption tactics are so old, they go back to their own desire to assassinate Martin Luther King , Jr. plus actions like dropping leaflets in black neighborhoods that said racist things implying they were written by Jewish people just to instigate tensions.

Then, I realized they have been funding the NRA. Forget about what that does for Trump. Consider what that means for the Russian proxy war on America. The NRA supports positions that get hundreds of thousands of Americans killed every year.

By supporting the NRA at all, the Russians are able to kill Americans quite effectively.

Rather than discuss how the Russians putting money into the NRA for political campaigns affects our politics, why don’t we talk about how it affects our body count?

Update: There have been several stories that have come out since I wrote this piece on Russia’s involvement in the NRA

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