The irony is the rural areas of the country are better represented in Congress than the urban ones. We give preference to land over people in our electoral system, in our state system, in our bi-cameral arrangement, pretty much at every step. Iowa has seen millions and millions in subsidy dollars come in from the federal government for corn that has become part of American’s bloodstream as a result.

Why do poor whites consistently shoot themselves in the foot? They don’t see that they have voting power in rural areas if they used it to kick out corporate owned politicians. For example, Wyoming has the same power in the Senate as California. That’s actually ridiculous to give property power, because it isn’t people who are using it. So then you look at who rural people pick to represent them, it is not representatives who care about people who don’t have money. They pick Republicans. But then they point the finger at Democrats when they aren’t getting what they need. Best example: Kansas has a lot of nerve blaming the tire fire their state is in on anyone other than Republicans led by Brownback, so having Trump ahead there is just insulting to common sense.

I am not sympathetic. I grew up in Denver, Iowa and moved to Waterloo, Iowa for the rest of my childhood. I went to college in Decorah, Iowa. I’ve watched the state decline. It has not done so under Democratic policies. It has been run by conservatives for years now.

This is probably the most stunning fact, literally 2/3 of the economic development in Iowa since Obama came into office was government-stimulated. So the people of Iowa respond to this information by cutting government funding through the election of Republicans. Where do they think their job growth is going to come from?

I’m fed up with my former state. They deserve what they are getting. In the recent analysis of the ten worst cities in the United States for African Americans, guess how many of them were in Iowa? Two. Waterloo-Cedar Falls had a 3.4% unemployment rate for whites and a 24% unemployment rate for blacks in the past couple years. But I hear racism coming out of Iowa, the state that gave us the blue eyes-brown eyes lesson.

Vox rightly showed with data, as they often do, that Trump supporters are not more affected by trade or immigration issues than Clinton supporters. His supporters are not just more racist, their economic theory is racist, so they think the solution to the economy is to allegedly harm minorities group through government contraction. They are self-parodies of the elite dividing the races to make poor whites feel better about themselves by targeting minorities. I’m embarrassed these are my people.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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