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I already wrote about my brother, but I want to share some of the other examples of Trump voters I know.

Roz is from the same background as me. Her mother is mentally ill, and if you ask me, seems to have a little fetal alcohol effect. She is just not a bright woman. Roz’s father was in prison, so I never met him. But I met her step-dad, who was a violent drunk who hit Roz. It got so bad Roz presented herself to child welfare and was placed in foster care when she was in high school.

Roz and I met through a government program called Upward Bound. It is a War on Poverty program to help disadvantaged kids go to college. Her sister was in the program, too. Her brother was mentally retarded (again, it looked like fetal alcohol issues, too), so he was in a group home.

In myriad ways, Roz’s family was reliant on government programs. Roz and I used work study and student loans to finance our education. We were helped to and through college by government programs. This is a woman who has benefited handsomely from our government.

Roz is an accountant now and married to a guy with money. Despite all of the help she and her family received through the government to survive, she votes Republican. It makes me furious. Grab for yourself and then pull up the ladder? We use to be so close we had a joint credit card. Nowadays, I have nothing to say to her.

P.S. Upward Bound brought rural kids like Roz into integration with urban, thus diverse, kids. Roz told me one of the boys from my hometown, who was black, tried to sexually assault her. I was not as supportive as I should have been because I couldn’t believe the guy, A friend of mine, would do it. But that happened before college. Anyhow, I think she wants to believe she isn’t prejudiced, but after this incident and moving to the South, I am willing to bet racism comes with her adopted accent.

My uncle

Wildly racist, this man has been a right wing media lover since it became a thing. So cold, he couldn’t even comfort his niece as her mother was hooked up to machines in the ICU, the only time he showed any concern for our part of the family is when we were attending his church. He married an extremely shallow woman as well. Makeup, chemical peels, and cracking her gum, she doesn’t smile. The most destitute group there is in the USA is Native Americans, and my uncle has been heard bitching about how good they have it, because of the casinos. This man used food stamps himself in the 1970s, but he’s been well-to-do for several decades now. They voted for Trump.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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