The White Vote Did Not Go Up This Year — Stop Selling a Republican Mandate

There is a false narrative that working class voters rose up to vote Trump. The Republicans only saw 1% more white voters than they had in 2012.

The last column shows the percentage gains the Republicans had with each group

White working class people did select Trump as their candidate when they voted, but they have been selecting the Republican candidate since Reagan. In fact, data analysis shows that the only group that didn’t see a substantial increase in their votes for Republicans was white people (1%). The people who increased their Republican votes by greater than 5% were Latinos (8%), Blacks (7%), and Asians (11%).

The people who swung this election were progressives/liberals. By not showing up or otherwise not voting for Clinton. Especially in the Midwest states where Sanders won like Wisconsin, Michigan, and yes Iowa (their caucus obscured the fact that Sanders would have definitely won the state by a direct primary vote).

The protest vote of the progressives was supposed to reform the Democratic Party. It was supposed to blow up government so it would never be the same, and then everybody would know better, and we’d all vote third party. Or pick progressives to represent us. That narrative is not taking hold. If progressives have any hope of salvaging their protest vote, they better start getting vocal about what they did.

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