This is classic classism. The people you lived with were structuring school district funding to rob the schools of the poor and minorities of funding. The people you lived with were likely to be voting for Republicans, as the educated with money are more prone to do, who voted to cut programs that hurt the poor and minorities. What they did with their privilege was far worse than anything a redneck every did shouting stupid things at a Trump rally.

Since I was a professor who taught human diversity to social work students at the graduate level for several years, I can also assure you that educated people, including liberal educated people, were often no better than conservatives at acknowledging their privilege. Since you haven’t seen educated people be racist, you can read the Bell Curve by Charles Murray and Richard Herrstein, and then there was a racist article in just in the last month by an educated Jewish woman trying to argue Jewish people aren’t white. She says her audience was racist people of color. When you’re done with those, you can say you’ve seen educated people be extremely racist, and you won’t sound so classist.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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