This is the dumbest ass article I have read in quite a while. You are trying to fool people who have never been to graduate school into believing there is something nefarious we are all taught while in the Ivory Tower. Then, we, “Boo,” go out and silently inflict these boogeyman theories on the world. It’s total bullshit.

First, you sucked at your education if you only came away with a single “lens.” Any educated person draws on multiple perspectives and theories. If your work doesn’t address multiple perspectives, perhaps your field is too insular. I went to an interdisciplinary program. It wasn’t for a ridiculously useless thing like literature. As a social worker, we can’t live in theory. Our world is practice. We have to be able to talk about life in context.

At any rate, every single person, regardless of education has a “lens.” Everyone lives with a theory of being. It may be tailored by their education, their church, their parents, whatever. Just being influenced by a theoretical background doesn’t suddenly make educators think a certain way. Did educators make me believe that white men are the oppressors? Hell, fuck, to the no. That was growing up poor in a white society while in a poor black community. I saw firsthand for myself how black people were treated.

Did Marxism teach me corporations were evil? Once again. Fuck, no. Experience with corporations tell me they are evil. From Best Buy fucking me over on my computer in graduate school, don’t think I will ever forgive and forget, to American Airlines really screwing me over once on a flight. Would another airline just as easily screw me over on a different flight. Hell, yes. American was scum of the earth. But they all are. Do I need some book to tell me that? No. Did reading a lot of books in graduate school help me understand why they fuck me over? Yes.

So, your pretty word play about how graduate school makes people come out divisive is bullshit. You are the divisive person. You are the person who doesn’t want to admit to inequalities in society. You are the person who doesn’t want to see beyond fucking theory out to reality.

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The tweet version of your article being critiqued

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