Ugh. Yes, the DNC had its finger on the scale, but they had nothing to do with his numbers in minority communities. And that is how he lost the nomination, fair or unfair. I believe someone has castigated people for claiming to be experts on how and why people vote. Since this is something I studied in graduate school, I am applying my knowledge to understanding what went wrong. You cannot fix what you don’t understand.

What we need to understand is what happened this election. What safety valve malfunctioned? How did the man who would appoint a white nationalist as his right hand man become the most powerful man in our country? If we can blame Trump voters, things are more comfortable for all of us. But if the left wing has a repeating pattern. One that last brought us Reagan. Then we need to have some navel gazing time.

The far left vs. left divide was there with Bernie vs. Hillary, but an additional racial divide developed that overwhelmed that schism. Well, supporters started tearing into each other, we perfectly replicated 1980 and the bitter Ted Kennedy-Jimmy Carter battle for the Democratic nomination that got Reagan elected.

Everyone is in love with blaming the white working class, because Republican white working class people have possibly the worst levels of racism in the country. But the white working class also has more voters for Clinton than anyone ever talked about. Trump’s voters came from the middle/upper class. Half of his voters were college educated. Half of the people in this country who went to college and enjoyed the privilege of higher education still selected him.

I should be getting to data instead of typing. I’ve been doing charts all night for the Health Savings Account essay. I’m fuzzy brained.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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