While it is always nice to have a white person share an essay on race and racism, this is what is typically recommended before they try doing this kind of an essay.

The white person needs to do extensive research. It really is as simply as that. Now, the hardest part is knowing how to do that and having access to the right information. So many times people just yell at each other and call each other names without providing any real information to each other.

I think that’s pretty lousy. I always have, but I haven’t really known what to do about it. Then I read a quote from a wise black woman on a Medium post earlier today. It read: “White people, I don’t want you to understand me better. I want you to understand yourselves,” by Ijeoma Oluo.

In the past, I would recommend that you read a series of black authors. I am still going to do that. They are Michelle Alexander’s New Jim Crow, then Ta-Nehisi Coates essay, “Donald Trump is The First White President,” “Negroland” by Margo Jefferson, “Why Are The Black Kids Sitting Together In the Cafeteria” by Beverly Tatum, and “Slavery by Another Name”, by Douglas Blackmon.

But now, I think understanding white people is critical. Here is what is happening to us as a group right now. In the future, white people will become the minority and that is just the reality. This is very threatening to a substantial number of white people. Furthermore, white birth rates have fallen while death rates have risen. This has led to even more white panic.

For this reason, a subset of white males — by no means all white males, of course, feels specifically threatened. Because of this threat, they have actually begun an active campaign on a number of fronts to convince the rest of the group to feel threatened.

They have a number of techniques. They bait other white males using “red-pilling.” This means hard-core racists and sexists will send a normal guy a slightly racist or sexist cartoon. They will get him to laugh at it and defend it in the face of criticism. Then, they will slip him a slightly more racist or sexist cartoon or meme. And they keep doing that until their buddy is a full-fledged neo-Nazi or other white supremacist.

The methods have actually been incredibly effective.

But it isn’t the domestic white supremacists, so many of them lurking in pockets of America that are solely to be concerning. We fight a battle on two fronts because Russia has been actively waging cyber war on us since at least 2013 when they published the plan in a military journal, and subsequently a slew of Russians were indicted for the crimes of interfering in our election.

We have to ask the question *how* did they interfere in our election more intelligently. Their interference was based on a military theory. The general who proposed it based his strategy on observations of the Arab Spring and the effects of social media. He observed that revolutions could be constructed via online campaigns. He also noted that the United States has numerous divisions along religious, class, gender, and economic lines. These are easily exploited. Get the Americans fighting and the country is easily dominated.

Furthermore, the Russians humiliated the Democrats with exposure of their emails. What the American public never seemed to notice was that the Russians also invaded the Republicans emails, but they never exposed the Republicans. Then, after Trump cooperated with the Russians, the Republicans allowed Trump to get away with his treason. Why?

This is not a hard question. Republicans were compromised. Just one example of the secrets the Russians may have held. Jim Jordon-R of Ohio knew about sexual abuse of wrestlers under his supervision, but did nothing according to five witnesses.

The group of Republican Senators and a Representative who spent the 4th of July in Russia were an insult to the United States. Their trip literally came on the heels of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report affirming that the Intelligence Community is correct in saying that Russia attacked us and installed Trump.

Having a white Christian theocracy is more important to these people than having a diverse democracy will ever be. They want to end the United States of America as a concept. Those are the forces working in the background. Be aware of them.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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