Why Can’t We Have Good Government?

No time, no money, and no influence

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Is government inherently bad? If you watched the Vietnam documentaries on PBS recently, you were reminded how the government lies to its citizens. Don’t watch Homeland? A recent article offered by the Intercept about our country’s counterintelligence work suggests our government is crossing the line:

Government has done some pretty awful things. There are books I’ve read describing the acts of the CIA (e.g. putting horrible dictators in power in other countries), the FBI (e.g. stalking Martin Luther King, Jr. and attempting to interfere with his “subversive” behavior), and the conditions at the Veteran’s health care system more recently. I also put spying on citizens, then turning over information to the DEA reprehensible. Extra-Constitutional governmental actions should disturb us all.

Citizens Let This Happen

There are parts of our country, and parts of the world, which have found a way to make good government. The People, as in the public, the people for whom the government is created, are supposed to monitor and if they are doing a bad job, correct who is in office. Instead, we keep putting the same bad actors back in office over and over. We’re supposed to protect whistleblowers, instead of letting them get punished all the time. We just let them get punished.

It’s All Our Fault At the Same Time It’s Not

Since at least 1980, people have been busy working multiple jobs to keep up the same standard of living they had a generation ago. Conservative economists argue the standard of living status of the working and middle class has remained constant since the 1950s or thereabouts. But it is an illusion. Now, both parents have to work to get the same income only one person had to work toward in earlier families. They basically have time to put their exhausted bodies in front of the TV or the internet for a couple hours to unwind. They aren’t always able to join the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) and keep up with it.

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Notice how the number of hours both parents have to work per week has increased
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There is very little time left in the day for overseeing the school board let along joining it

Somewhere in the leisure and other period which usually includes running errands, getting haircuts, going to appointments, etc., we have to pay attention to our government. It hasn’t been happening. It is not that surprising.

Now, people are selling you flashy tax plans that benefit only the rich, health care plans that leave our grandparents moving out of their care facilities while other sick people cannot afford insurance, racism disguised as patriotism, anti-labor laws called right to work, laws that discriminate against lesbian, gay, and transgender citizens, deportations, bans against Muslims, all as a package deal.

None of it improves the situation of the white working class. It is the same set of lies sold to us since the country started.

“Distract the dumb crackers with racism and religion and they won’t notice they’re holding ashes until we’ve made another killing.”

For more on the history of the white working class being sold lies from the upper class politicians, see the book

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