You do what so many erudite academic types do. Live in a fantasy world. Rawls understood what reality was about. That’s why he called upon the thinker to put themselves into the actual shoes of the other human beings born into other positions in society. A society chooses how much it constrains its resources to a limited few. Usually, an elite have control over these decisions. They decide how much to make society is a theocracy, a kleptocracy, a democracy, but the reality is they can lose control to a dictator. The elites in our country thought they could play around with a stupid man like Donald Trump and manage to continue their oligarchy. Donald Trump is coordinating with a network of other authoritarian leaders to exploit weaknesses in our Constitution to assert powers he shouldn’t have. Our oligarchs think they have control of him and of the situation, but white supremacy is being cultivated online via a cyber army using bandwagon effects and red pilling as well as other meme-based baiting to develop authoritarian followers. When they use violence and groups of civilian and government enforcers, how will democracy be re-established?

The answer is the reason I saw libertarianism referred to as freedom for me, slavery for you.

The reality is every society does better when more people do better. American plutocrats have been using government to hoard resources for themselves, buy government instead of allowing it to be more democratic, and cause pain for the masses. This is classic libertarianism: My freedom is other people’s slavery, and I’m good with that (by Tweeter @LPNational). In the United States, it requires white supremacy, so the plutocrats are teaming up with the Russians to use cyberbot persuasion techniques such as the bandwagon technique and red pilling to draw white Americans into racist opinions. This is drawing the support for an authoritarian leader higher, despite the obvious risks that poses. The libertarians are willing to take that risk. That’s who they are. Glenn Greenwald is a classic example. Edward Snowden is as well.

The American government as a democracy is so flawed that its worth teaming up with the Russians. The Russians led by a dictator. The Russians who are manipulated by propaganda to endorse nationalism, homophobia, racism, a state religion, state-run TV, or if they don’t believe the party line, they are subject to torture and death. Journalists who speak the truth are killed one by one. That’s the life the libertarians are willing to trade America for. Ask Garry Kasparov what the Russian government is all about and how it has worked on the Russian people.

Libertarians disgust me because they will sell out democracy, democratic values, and our flawed, but all-American system with all of its history to partner with the Russian government because somehow they have not achieved the pinnacles of personal freedom they think they should have achieved. They always fail to understand that living in a society, as Rawls suggested, will mean the loss of some personal freedoms. Those personal freedoms should be decided based on democratic values. Rawls’s philosophy guided the Founding Fathers, albeit imperfectly. They had taxes, they had them for a reason, and libertarians never seemed to understand that.

We should always be seeking to maximize the number of people in American society who benefit from laws. As early as Thomas Paine, proposals for a Social Security system were already devised. Yet the good of society was a burden to libertarians. Mark my words, if we get out of this crisis with Russia manipulating our population toward white supremacy, it will be in spite of libertarians, and not because of them, and that will stain their reputations forever. There is no patriotism in taking down a democracy of 250 years.

Chances are I have a migraine. My spirit guides are Voltaire & Bierce. Considering making SJW into a religion. Genealogist

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